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New to Hockey



Does my child need to know how to skate before we sign him/her up for hockey? 
The answer is no, with the exception of 14U age level (ages 13 and 14) where the physical contact becomes a bigger part of the game.  You would be surprised how quickly a kid picks up skating once he or she starts.

Learn to Skate (Group Ice Skating & Hockey Lessons) is a great option to get comfortable on skates and gain confidence before heading into league play.   Appropriate for ages 4-14.

Which age group does my child fall under? 

USA Hockey places kids in groups based on birth year.  Beginning the 2021/2022 season:

8U - kids born 2015 - 2016
10U - kids born 2013 - 2014
12U - kids born 2011 - 2012
14U - kids born 2009 - 2010

What is house league and what is the time commitment? 
House league hockey is recreational and developmental level hockey ran through our Columbus Department of Parks & Rec.  Teams practice once a week with a game on Saturday.  

As you can guess, with travel and high school teams, the time commitment is increased tremendously.  

Is hockey really expensive? 
Like most sports, hockey can be really expensive when you start buying top-of-the-line equipment.  But when broken down by game or months, hockey is competitively priced with other sports.  It just happens that the hockey season spans about 6 months which is why the sport seems so expensive.  But the per month cost is usually comparable to other youth sports.

What equipment will my child need?  
The equipment your child will need is: skates, stick, helmet, facemask, gloves, shin pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads, hockey pants/breezer and a protective cup. 

Our program does have equipment that can be borrowed for Learn to Skate and Try Hockey for Free.  We use this for first time players to "test out the sport" and so parents won't have to make a huge equipment investment if they're unsure about their child's interest.

Is the sport of hockey safe for my child?
Yes. Hockey players wear more protective equipment than any other sport. A study has shown that ice hockey injuries ranked after both basketball and soccer in emergency room visits related to sport and recreational activities. Youth hockey is a different game than the NHL. With a different set of rules in place, youth hockey places a stronger emphasis on sportsmanship and friendly competition. Contact is not allowed prior to the 14U level (age 13 & 14). At Bantams, checking is allowed but NO fighting.

As a parent, you understand it is important for your child to get the most out of participating in youth sports. To ensure your child has an enjoyable experience, youth hockey aims to deliver the “Three Promises:”


The thrill of carrying the puck up the ice, the exhilaration of scoring their first goal or the camaraderie of skating with friends is possible due to the fun and encouraging environment youth hockey provides to try new things and grow as a person.


Youth hockey is unique because a new player must start from the very basics of essentially learning to walk again. Your local youth hockey program has instructors that are able to teach the sometimes challenging skills of ice hockey in a fun, engaging manner.


You will be amazed at the progress your child will make in a short amount of time. Both you and your child will walk away from the rink each day, excited about all the new things that your young hockey player has started to learn on the ice.