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You are NOT required to have the confirmation page and printout of the waiver on file or in a team’s book. All you need is the confirmation number so you can transmit it.


The earliest date for games to count for National Tournament-bound teams toward the 20/10 or 14/10 game requirement is August 15.


 NEW FOR THE 2017-18 SEASON: The Consent to Treat form is no longer a required form. It has been removed from the Registry and the Credentials Verification Sheet.


NEW FOR THE 2017-18 SEASON: The Participant Code of Conduct is no longer a required document. It is still available in your Registry or you can create one for your program. Codes of Conduct are encouraged. However, the form is no longer required in a team book and has been removed from the Credentials Verification sheet.


NEW FOR THE 2017-18 SEASON: You will not be able to add a Coach to a Youth/Girls/HS Roster until the required Age-Specific Coaching Module has been completed. SafeSport Online Training Program USA Hockey has an extensive SafeSport program that provides resources to ensure the safety of all involved in the game both on and off the ice. This online training is free of charge to any employee, coach, official, volunteer or parent that is registered with USA Hockey as a Coach/Player or Manager/Volunteer (at no charge). Note: all Coaches and Managers are required to complete the SafeSport Training Program every two seasons. This training is to be completed PRIOR to any participation with youth players. New this season: You will not be able to add Team Staff (Coach or Manager) to a Youth/Girls/HS Roster until their SafeSport training has been completed. There is a refresher course available for those who need to recertify. The Safe Sport website will direct those eligible to the Refresher course. The link to the SafeSport website is on the home page of your USAH Registry. The words “SafeSport Verified” will appear on the Personnel screen for any member who has completed the training. That information will also be reflected in the Staff area of the Official Roster and on the Credentials Verification sheet. You can also generate a SafeSport Report from your Registry Managers and Volunteers can register online Team Managers and Volunteers can register online at no charge. This registration does not allow on-ice participation but is a way for you to have Team Managers and Volunteers in your Registry. The confirmation number that they receive is required for the SafeSport training. Collect the confirmation numbers and transmit as M or V. These confirmation numbers are different from Coach/Player numbers – there are 2 X’s after the 9 numbers. Manager/Volunteer Confirmation numbers cannot be transmitted as Players or Coaches. However, if you have a Manager or Volunteer who is registered as a Player or Coach in another program, you can use their Player/Coach confirmation number and transmit it as an M or V through your Program. Date of birth and US citizenship verification If a birth date or citizenship has been verified to the USA Hockey National office, you will see the word ‘Verified’ next to the date and citizenship in the participant’s personnel record. A verified symbol will also appear on the Official Roster and on the Credential Verification form. Copies of birth certificates are not required to be collected or carried for those participants who have the verification symbol in the ‘V’ column of the Official Roster

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Accessing TeamCenter

Easily add and edit athlete info, manage schedules, and message team members

Messaging Your Team in TeamCenter

Send a message to an individual member, selected members, or the entire team directly from TeamCenter or from the SportsEngine mobile app

Basic Team Management

Perform basic tasks using the Team Page Team Management functionality

Add Contacts to Receive Team Messages

Add additional email addresses to a non-member's profile in order to be able to include all athletes in team communications

Managing RSVPs

Manage RSVPs for each athlete within your team’s TeamCenter or within the SportsEngine mobile app

Sending RSVPs for Existing Games or Events

Do you import your game schedules from a third party scheduler or create them manually on your team page? This article explains how to add RSVPs to those games and events after they are imported.

More Helpful Coach Links

Review help articles about how coaches interact with TeamCenter and the SportsEngine mobile app

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